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Gina McGinnis

An Atlanta native and veteran of art and design, Gina has the unique background of having grown up in the field of architecture with a direct link to the construction of every projects she designs. For her, architecture has never been about abstract concepts far removed from the reality of project execution – but rather, a symbiotic relationship with a team that must holistically plan and execute every single plan set.

A fine artist by training, Gina moved from fine art to architecture after seeing the power of physical creation breathing life into design. Her unique perspective stems from a lifetime spent marrying the world of creative imagination with the physical reality of the felt human experience.

Her dichotomy of perspective and experience gives Gina’s plans a unique bent toward being both beautiful, practical, and perhaps most importantly, buildable. She likes to stay intimately involved in the process of creation from the blank page through physical construction, and has been spotted on job sites, tape measure in hand, many times.

A born innovator and life-long learner, Gina has traveled Europe and Japan extensively seeking out new visions and implementations. Her belief is that the best results stem from a wide breath of experience and observation.

Privately, Gina is a news hound, foodie, and enjoys philosophy. Her favorite thing to do seems to be listening to podcasts while sketching, and she will happily breeze hours over a drink discussing the current zeitgeist.


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