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Team and Trade Partners

The Craftbuilt team cannot be discussed without talking about our trade partners. One of the most important aspects of what we do is the simple truth that no one person builds or renovates a house in a vacuum. We rely on our trade partners to take exact work scopes and deliver outstanding, on-time results at every job site.

We outsource our site work to trusted professional specialists who are masters of their field and leaders in the industry. Our tile installer does not moonlight as a drywaller, and our drywaller doesn’t set tile on the weekends. By employing specialists, we can ensure predictable work results with tight time frames. We can also match specialists to the operational requirements of the job at hand – there are hardly any materials or procedures that we don’t have a specific resource for.

We believe in keeping good people close. We vet every sub that steps foot on our sites to what can seem like an almost absurd degree! When our old tile installer of many years finally told us he was retiring, we spent almost 6 months seeking out a new tile installer – asking trusted colleagues, visiting job sites, and speaking to references. The end result is that we have an excellent tile installer that we can trust on a huge variety of installations. We apply this same method and process to every single trade partner we work with.

We also rely on a small army of partners behind the scenes to keep our operations running smoothly – accountants, web designers, office management, and technical consultants. These quiet professionals will likely never meet or interact with our customers, but they are vital to the day to day operations and allow our team to stay focused on what we do best, while they do what they do best.