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Aaron McGinnis

Aaron is an Atlanta native with more than a decade of experience in construction and real estate. He has successfully lead his team through hundreds of residential and light commercial construction projects. He has managed investment projects and third party construction hundreds of times over, and brings a lifelong love of detail and learning to every interaction.

As an avid traveller and information junky, Aaron has trotted the globe honing the informational aspect of his craft. He has travelled extensively throughout America, Europe, and Japan, and has spent way too many hours staring at upsettingly abnormal means, methods, and architectural concepts to see the world from within the confines of the typical box too many construction professionals find themselves in.

Aaron started Craftbuilt in 2009, as the recession truly set in. He likes to say that during the time when the Titanic (IE: The Economy) was going vertical and breaking apart in the middle, he had a first-row deck chair to the action. During that time, he is unabashed to say that his team would tackle absolutely any work that came their way.

This go-get-it attitude lead to a variety of work, not all of which is fit for public consumption. However, it also afforded the opportunity to deal with a huge variety of structural, design, and abnormal problems that embedded the need for creative problem solving early in his career.

The exposure to this variety and need for creative problem solving pushed Aaron to build a team whose values center on learning and finding ways to implement best practices despite less than ideal circumstances. How do you air seal a 100+ year old home with holes like swiss cheese? Our team figured it out – finishing renovation projects that blow tighter air change tests than the average new home.

This ability to implement best practices in less than ideal renovation circumstances has afforded Aaron and his team an outstanding set of tools and principles to create outstanding products when afforded total control over new construction projects. Craftbuilt’s new construction methodology creates great results with very predictable criteria. The ability to push the envelope of building science in some way on every job is a huge source of pride.

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys hiking and camping, and practices Muay Thai, and JuJitsu. Also, a proud nerd interested in that which beeps, buzzes, lights up, or turns on. He will drone on about travel to anyone who will listen, and speaks enough Japanese to get into real trouble and can order a beer in about a dozen languages.


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