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When do I need a permit?

Almost any time you’re working on a house! Most jurisdictions will tell you that even swapping a light fixture should technically have a permit.

How long does permitting take?

This depends on the municipality. For example, in Atlanta a new construction permit may take 2 months. In Cobb county, it may take as little as a day.

What does it cost to get a permit?

This depends on the municipality. Some departments are more fee-heavy than others, but often times you can find fee information on their website that serve as a general guideline.

What happens if I don't get a permit?

You may be served a stop work order, or worse told to demolish whatever you built.

What insurance should I ask for?

You should look for companies that carry, at a minimum, general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

What happens if I hire someone without insurance?

If anything goes wrong, or someone gets hurt on the job, the liability would fall upon your homeowner’s insurance. It isn’t worth the risk!

What type of contractors are required to be licensed?

In Georgia, General Contractors, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Low-Voltage electrical contractors are required to carry a license

Where can I verify licensing?
Via the Georgia Secretary of State website, at https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/licensing
What is lead based paint and when do I need to test?

Lead based paint is paint that has lead as an additive. It was used prior to 1978, and per State and Federal law we must test any time we are working on a surface that was painted at any time prior to 1978.

When is asbestos possibly present, and in what materials?

Asbestos was used prior to the early 80s, and is found in a wide range of materials such as drywall compound, insulation, resilient flooring, caulk, and other materials. The test is a lab test and typically costs $400-800 depending on the number of locations. For more information, go here https://www.asbestos.com/exposure/home/